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Prabhaav is a journey...

which began with a couple of like-minded friends, from diverse educational backgrounds,

to be instrumental in making a difference and having a positive IMPACT on the society.

Since 2011 there was no looking back… we started, we stumbled, we paused, we learnt, we failed,

we struggled, we succeeded, but NEVER GAVE UP!

PRABHAAV is a passion, a dream to be fulfilled with a long-term goal to leave a legacy behind.

We are still growing at 10 and learning to face the harsh realities of the society, moving with conviction,

taking firm steps, with a few laurels in our lap too!

We thank our Corporate partners for strongly supporting us in implementing CSR projects professionally.

Development and sustenance in itself, is a multi-faceted process,

which involves aggressive participation of the people, possible only when they are

awakened, motivated, educated and adapt themselves to the changing times.

Co-Existence is always the first step towards creating a strong Eco–System.


The Prabhaav Foundation seed was sown on 11/11/2011. The journey from a Seedling to a flowering plant has been very challenging, bearing the brunt of all seasons.

In the current year we are focusing on the key areas, namely Health, Road Safety, Sanitation, Environment, Women and Children. Our priority shall continue to be working at grassroot level for the betterment of the society and giving our future generation a cleaner safer and healthier livelihood.




Vandana Lakhanpal

Co-Founder Prabhaav Foundation-Vandana is driven by her belief,

‘karma parmo dharma’.

She makes things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. She is actively involved in organising and  leading at the Foundation. Vandana takes it upon herself not to stay anchored in the routine, always looking for new challenges and associating with programs that would leave a positive impact on the society. She is a creative artist too.


Parul Kumar

Co-Founder Prabhaav Foundation-Parul has excellent organizational and strong communication skills that combined with her passion for working for the society, with a go getter attitude  which makes her a great leader who inspires many.  Member CSO committee NITI Aayog, Parul has very actively contributed in the social sector. Recipient of many prestigious awards she is a true team player and  solution based strategizing and business development in her passion. ‘The power that is ME’ very well defines her personality.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-20 at

Ritu Suneja

Ritu, contributes strongly towards the growth and overall development of the foundation.  With an all round approach to tackle various challenges she is actively involved in its day-to-day running. She doesn’t believe in quitting, even when things get tough, but works towards finding simple and efficient solution to the problems. Being a sensitive person she is actively involved and emotionally attached towards the society especially animals. She is very much “A people’s person.”


Snigdha Anand

Snigdha,  is a strong pillar of the Prabhaav team. A lawyer, a certified POSH trainer and an NGO representative for the internal committee at few organizations, she is closely associated with WCD. Her Caring attitude always works as a guiding light for people around her. Snigdha’s involvement in the community development programs have  helped the community members become confident and self-reliant. She has an eagerness to perform  and is often researching for new information.



Ms. Tanuja Benke

"The Ride to Safety Workshop at our school will definitely help our students, as i have seen a huge response from students and parents. They have understood the importance of wearing helmet" 

Principal, Shevantabai Dangat Patil School, Pune


Mr. Rahul

"Due to Timely intervention and checkup I can see clearly"
Location: Noida


Ms. Jayanti

"Finally I can send my children to school"
Location: Chandigarh
With us since 27 October 2012

Gurdayal Singh.jpg

श्री  गुरदयाल सिंह (गणित  टीचर)

पार्क में ऐसा परिवर्तन आया है जिसकी हम कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते है,जैसे किसी ने इसकी काया ही पलट कर दी हो। चारो तरफ हरियाली और फूल दिखते   हैं। पहले हम यहाँ नहीं आते थे पर  अब हमारा दिन यहाँ आये बिना शुरू ही नहीं होता ,और हमारी ज़िंदगी ५ साल और बढ़ गयी है । आप लोगों का दिल  से धन्यवाद्, इस पार्क को इस  मुकाम तक लाने के लिए।


  श्री विनोद कुमार (एक्स आर्मी कप्तान)

पार्क अब पहले से बेहतर हो गया है क्यूंकि अब पार्क में फूल के बगीचे हैं,पानी की टंकी लग गई है,माली सही से काम करते है। अब यहाँ सूबह शाम आना अच्छा लगता है । पार्क में लाइट की वजह से अब रात में भी आना अच्छा लगता है । पार्क  में  अब कोई कमी नहीं है ।

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