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covid-19: war against hunger

Covid 19

Almost 500 Million people have been infected and 6 million people have died with the coronavirus since March 2020 and new variants are still a threat. It’s been two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) characterised the global spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic.


We’ve had lockdowns, vaccines, and arguments about how to move forward and live with this virus and in such a scenario when the nationwide lockdown was imposed by the Government of India, the Lives of millions of migrant labourers, daily wage workers, rag-pickers, house-helps, street vendors came to a standstill. Their inability to access one full square meal for a family, increased their movement in and out of their shelter in search of food, leading to increased chances of being infected.

Strengthening The Capacity of

School Infrastructure

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Natural disasters can create havoc in flourishing areas and one such fury of nature was witnessed when cyclone Fani hit Odisha on May 3rd’2019. One of the worst impacted areas was Raghuraj Pur, a home of famous Patta-Chitra Art. This “Crafts Village” is a major tourist attraction. Prabhaav Foundation joined hands with ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organisation) to strengthen the infrastructure capacity of the Govt. Kapoteswar U.G High School, Raghuraj Pur. We assisted in rebuilding toilets, installing a water purifier and providing dustbins. Murals depicting mythology were made to beauitify the school walls representing Maa Saraswati ji and Ganesh ji, Guru Vaishtha with students representing Gurukulus and the trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.



Enactus is the largest experiential learning international platform working towards developing NextGen Leaders with a head for business and a heart for the world. It currently operates in 37 countries and the Indian vertical founded in 2003 and has more than a 100 listed universities. With the support and encouragement of their faculty advisors and a local business advisory board, Enactus students deploy entrepreneurial action to improve the human condition and enable sustainable human progress. Prabhaav has partnered to implement these entrepreneurial projects.

War against Covid-19 
Stay safe kit - the new normal


There are multiple ways to deal with the crisis arising due to the pandemic. The first step was to help the needy with two square meals and once we did our bit then we realized that the next is the need of masks, sanitizers and gloves. Prabhaav Foundation joined hands with ICICI Lombard  for this very noble and need of the hour cause. We are distributing 5000 sanitization kits comprising of a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pair of gloves, and a face mask to the underprivileged members of the society. These items are powerful tools to protect each one from COVID-19 but are realistic not invested in by them because of their limited resources. Prabhaav has been encouraging privileged people to post their pics , wearing a mask, on their social media handles like Facebook/Instagram to promote the wearing of a mask as an important precautionary measure against COVID 19. One kit is distributed against one post shared.



The first step towards a developed society is quality education for our children. Under the CSR initiative of ONGC, a program for mobilising students to create awareness about scholarships available under government and corporate houses was launched in January, 2019 in New Delhi. We reached out to more than 3500 students from government schools of South West Delhi, to help deserving students to easily avail scholarships. In this initiative More than 500 students have been announced as scholars with a scholarship amount of more than 7 million rupees.



UN sustainable goal 8 emphasis on decent work and economic growth and providing a sustainable livelihood has been one of our key initiatives.


We began a handicraft centre at Chandigarh with more than a 1000 beneficiaries. The women created beautiful handmade products, which have been widely exhibited and appreciated. Multiple avenues of growth were provided as one of the beneficiaries from the Centre featured on Colours Channel- Mission Sapne season -1.

Our efforts to make women self-sustaining continued as we supported jobless women during the pandemic. The women were provided the fabric and were guided to make them create something useful from waste fabric, like Potlis, Bags and multi utility Pouches etc.



In 2015,  National Digital Literacy Mission under the vision of the Prime Minister,  launched “Appreciation of Digital Literacy”. The aim of the program was “to make a person IT literate, so that he/she can operate digital devices, like mobile phones, tablets, etc., send and receive e-mails and search internet for information etc.” This was implemented by us in partnership with ‘Our Helping Hand’ and training's were conducted in Delhi/NCR and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.



Self growth has been of primary importance as we moved forward. Our workshop series of "Impressions & Expression" is a platform  for individuals to evolve themselves. Our impressions are our ideas, feelings, or opinions about something or someone especially formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence & Expression is the action of making known one's thoughts or feelings. We understand that positive impressions will only get positive expressions. Some of the critical impression topics discussed in these sessions  include gender sensitivity, parenting, self development, discussing POSH & POCSO Act. Self expression has been supported through  workshops on Calligraphy, Dance and Art and Meditation camps.

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