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In a tie up/partnership with Enactus which is the largest experiential learning international platform working towards developing NextGen Leaders with a head for business and a heart for the world. Prabhaav has partnered to implement some of their entrepreneurial projects:


  • ENACTUS DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (PROJECT UNNATI)/ DIGITAL CAFE -  Imparting Digital Literacy skills especially during Covid-19 pandemic where the concept of work from home, order from home, has affected the lives, realities of individuals & communities in multiple ways across all the generations and every strata of the society. Many are unable to access technology due to lack of skills, further exacerbating existing Socio-economic inequalities, 90% of Indian population is digitally illiterate. Reaching out to the lower strata to make them digitally literate gave birth to the concept of project Unnati .


Further DTU’s Enactus PROJECT UNNATI works not only towards digital literacy but also employment opportunities, training and ensures that each and every person is able to benefit the maximum out of the services offered. These Unnati, multipurpose cafes set up in rural and suburban areas act as the nodal agency, implementing programs and courses.

Prabhaav launched its first skill development center “UNNATI Café” at Masoodpur Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, under the CSR initiative of Acuity Knowledge Partner. At Unnati Café courses offered are Basic Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Basic English and a bouquet of skill development courses (structured by DTU Enactus).

As Buddha said “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle.  We have lighted one more candle with this hope it will multiply in time and together we will achieve more heights.


  • Protecting and preserving our environment has always been a top priority with the members of the foundation, To leave behind a healthy ecosystem for our future generations. We cannot repair / undo the harm already caused to our environment over the ages but surely can stop any further damage

Farmers in north India use an intensive rice–wheat rotation system in their fields. The residue commonly called parali or stubble left by these harvesters after reaping the crop takes about one and a half months to decompose, a gap too long to sow the next crop, results in burning the stubble. This burning emits fine particulate matter, an air pollutant that is a concern for people’s health.

The young minds at Enactus thought of novel ideas to deal with this menace.

The solutions arrived at by ENACTUS SHAHEED SUKHDEV COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDIES (PROJECT PRAVAAH) crafted FULLY LOADED PLANTERS. The stubble along with a few natural ingredients like cow dung are used to line the clay pots to create these planters. This combination provides a super nutrient lining packed with high levels of minerals and a solution to the water crisis of the city, as the stubble holds in itself water which keeps the plant moist longer.

The solutions arrived at by ENACTUS HANSRAJ ( PROJECT VRIDDHI) crafted HEAT COMPACTED WOODEN BOARDS. Leftover agri-residue boards can avoid CHG (greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, all fluorinated gases) emission by about 50-75% and can replace wood – a valuable commodity also saves so many trees from being cut. The boards made out of stubble can vary in thickness from 4 to 20 millimeter, are sturdy and can be used for construction purposes. We at Prabhaav are supporting the process of making boards from this agri residue.


Discarded tyres are often just burnt adding to air pollution. Our project utilises  them to create elegant, stylish furniture along with planters which add to the beauty of gardens, terraces and balconies. This furniture made of recycled tyres is resistant to all kinds of weather changes, are rust proof, termite proof and can be used both outdoors and indoors guranting longevity.


Small but effective attempts to keep the air that we breathe clean.

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