covid-19: war against hunger

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. We have to learn to live in this new normal. Some of us are more fortunate and were able to face and adapt to these changes with our strengths. And yet there is a section among us which has continued to struggle for their daily needs.

When the nationwide lockdown was imposed by the Government of India, the Lives of millions of migrant laborers, daily wage workers, rag-pickers, house-helps, street vendors came to a standstill. The woes to access basic services without daily income led the low-income communities to slip into a high-risk community. Their inability to access one full square meal for a family increased their movement in and out of their shelter in search of food, leading to increased chances of being infected. The lack of sense of basic hygiene and the non-availability of basic protective gear made them even more vulnerable during this COVID 19 pandemic.


This was an ever-increasing community, the population of which was directly proportional to the increase in the number of lockdown days and the slow reopening of the economy.


We at Prabhaav Foundation, believe in creating an impact on the lives of people. We believe change starts with “Me” and we walked into this with a promise that food should be the least of the concern of every man, woman, and child.


To help them in this hour of need, we at Prabhaav Foundation reached out to the underprivileged section of society with Food packs, which included kitchen staples. It was a challenging task to arrange for funds and material and its dissemination to the needy, especially during the complete lockdown. We were motivated by the necessity to reach out to the neediest in time and also, the support of kind and generous supporters. To date we have distributed in excess of 5,20,000 meals equivalent food packs in the slums of Delhi NCR. This distribution was done in partnership with the local Police which took the onus of distribution of food packs.


The lockdown is over but life is still a challenge for all of us especially these strata as a number of them are left jobless. We are continuing with our efforts and have added the much-required masks and soaps to the packets.


We would like to continue this noble cause as we support artisans who have been impacted. We are trying to do our best as we work towards Prabhaav’s aim to prepare and uplift those who are devoid of resources and opportunities. We are undertaking and executing projects to promote the welfare of these artisans, addressing various concerns and issues prevailing in the society. Our motto is that a society will grow only when people move ahead and adapt themselves to the changing times.

All those wishing to provide a helping hand for this noble cause, please send you donation to:

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