UN Sustainable Development Goal 3; Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. 


Private sector is primarily considered superior to the public sector in terms of delivery and quality of healthcare services in India and the not for profit sector is considered as a "third stakeholder" whose role had been mostly constricted to diagnosis camps and advocacy. However, considering the poor performance of healthcare services throughout the country, there is a growing realization that the role of each stakeholders, including the NGOs to evolve.

If we look at the situation through a development management perspective, we realize that majority of our efforts have mostly been on curative side of the healthcare system than preventive. To reach to a level of sustainability we must focus on prevention, even more than cure, so as to reduce the 'disease burden' on common man. 


Awareness plays a key role in improving access to correct healthcare.  Our Organization empowers communities and patients with appropriate information, and skills so that they can make high-quality, informed decisions on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and support. 


Under "Swachch Bharat" mission, millions of toilets have been built, many of which remain unutilized. Here, NGOs plays an important role by focusing upon generating awareness and attitudinal change through consistent engagements with the communities and schools. 


As per researches, the major cause for the high Maternal Mortality Rate in rural areas is a non-medical cause - inadequate transport facilities to carry pregnant women to formal healthcare institutions for childbirth.  NGOs have a role to play in supporting the public health system at grassroot level by enhancing the means.


India's GDP spending on public healthcare clubs less than the lower income countries of the World and in such a situation, it is imperative for us to develop effective and efficient models of healthcare service delivery, and our Organization is adapting to new challenges which can take a lead in this direction. 

Our focus areas being Sanitation, Eye Care, Menstrual Hygiene, Vector-borne Diseases, and any other Emergency situations like Covid-19 when our organization conducted widespread awareness campaigns in line with NITI AAYOG and AAYUSH MINISTRY in large number of communities in Delhi-NCR and Haryana.