Road Safety

UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. We have collaborated with ICICI Lombard, IRF, PVR and NDTV in understanding the importance of safe roads and have been conducting Road Safety Trainings & Workshops - PAN India. More than 40,000 Parents, Students, Teachers and Drivers have been trained so far.

Our young adults i.e. students of class 11&12 are often found driving, violating all traffic rules and regulations. It is important to give them an opportunity to develop the knowledge and attitude to help them make informed decisions on the road. Taking this forward Prabhaav collaborated with PVR Next to conduct behavior assessment tests and train students across 200 Delhi schools. This Psychometric test measured the attitudes relevant to road safety, helping the assessor make a reliable decision on the driver’s attitudes and the required intervention.

Alcohol and Drugs are responsible for 13 daily deaths in road accidents. Studies revealed that higher blood-alcohol concentration levels lead to higher accident rate as alcohol affects the drivers attitude, judgment, vigilance, perception, reaction, and controlling. NDTV and DIEGO started “Road To Safety” - a nation-wide campaign, to jolt the citizens into action by drawing attention to crucial issues like public apathy towards victims and a widening gap between legislation and enforcement. Prabhaav Foundation connected with more than 2000 individuals across India to sign the ‘Never Drink and Drive’ pledge.

“Stain-less Roads”JSL CSR initiative targeting the children of classes 8 & 9 was organized across 20 schools of Delhi. The students were engaged in various interactive activities on Best Practices in road safety. CPR or first responders training was conducted for the parents, staff and support staff to prepare them for unforeseen medical emergency situations such as chocking, suffocating, or bleeding profusely.

ICICI Lombard’s “Ride to Safety” is an initiative to spread awareness about the fatal consequences of not using helmets.  It is a known fact that majority of fatalities in two wheeler related accidents is due to head injuries. “ROAD SAFETY WORKSHOPS" were conducted in various schools across cities in Maharashtra. The take away of the campaign was the distribution of high quality Steelbird helmets for children and their parents. This move aimed at encouraging the use of helmets for the drivers, as well as children, as they are often pillion riders and ride unprotected. So far Prabhaav has touched 31000 lives and still continuing.